About me


After studying Economics at Middle East Technical University, I started working as a reporter at Cumhuriyet Daily in 2011, and in late 2012 I launched the witness storytelling platform Turkiye’den Siddet Hikayeleri. In 2013, I began writing columns, and then working as a full-time reporter for Daily Birgun, based out of Ankara. Currently as a freelance investigative journalist, I mainly write on international conflict, non-state violent organizations, and radicalization. Political-economy of environment and energy, and human rights are among my other professional fields of interest. I am an alumnus and research fellow of the AHDA Program of  the Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University in the City of New York. I pursue an amateur rugby career too; I have been a part of Ankara-based ODTU SK‘s setup for 7 years, and played for New York City side Gotham Knights RFC for a season, and participated in Turkish Rugby Union National Team’s several international test matches.


Inactive since late 2013, Türkiye’den Şiddet Hikayeleri (Eng. Violence Stories from Turkey), aimed revealing the violence on citizens, allowed or perpertated by the state itself. While it was active, the project reached millions of eyeball counts due to its particular form, designed to be easily disseminated online. In 2015, Türkiye’den Şiddet Hikayeleri will, hopefully, be reactivated.


Ayrinti Dergi is a periodical (published in every 2 months) in Turkish, mainly composed of articles with socialist notions, and detailed news stories on recent developments in the Middle East and Turkey. Additional to writing research articles, I also serve as a member of consultative board of the journal which celebrates its first year of publication.

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