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Turkey is the export-hub for detonating cords; a crucial component for IEDs used by ISIS and Jabhat al Nusra affiliates

Ankara cracks down on IS; but is it too little too late?

Turkish jihadist reveals how Ankara turned a blind eye to ISIS radicalization

Journey to Isis: from astrophysics student to shell-shocked Islamist fighter

Part-time jihadists of Turkey are still enroute to Raqqa

In Ankara, refugees from Syria pay rents to ISIS fighters who made them flee from their own country

Jihadist Clinic on Turkey’s Syrian Border

Syrians refuge to another war in Turkey

The Brother of a Turkish Protester Murdered by the Police Speaks Out

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    I started working as a reporter at Cumhuriyet Daily (print) in 2011, and in late 2012 I launched Turkiye’den Siddet Hikayeleri. In 2013, I began writing news-stories, and then working as a full-time reporter for Daily Birgun (print). After a brief spell at Diken.com.tr (online), in 2018 I began contributing to Medyascope (online) as a multi-media investigative reporter, writing and producing videos on conflict, non-state violent organizations, political-economy of environment and energy. My first book Islamic State Networks (Tur. IŞİD Ağları) was published in 2018. Besides contributing to Medyascope, I work on independent research projects, and video productions as well.