ISIS Networks (TUR. IŞİD Ağları) is my extensive account of Islamic State related activities that happened in Turkey, between years 2014-2017.

I began covering Salafist movements in 2014, and after finding myself very close to one of Turkey’s most eccentric radicalization hot-spots -Hacibayram neighborhood in Ankara- I extended my research to other cities.

After years of on-the-ground reporting and research in many cities, and Turkey-Syria border, in IŞİD Ağları, I attempted to discover recruitment dynamics of Islamic State networks in Turkey, while unraveling different radicalization narratives and modus operandi that each local cell was characterized with.

IŞİD Ağları also includes,

  • The structure of Islamic State networks in Turkey, and the relationship between the different local cell structures, specific recruitment methods in personal networks,
  • The linkages between Turkish Salafists, al-Qaeda in Turkey and Islamic State networks in Turkey,
  • Socio-economic and sociological drivers for radicalization,
  • Interviews with Turkish ex-fighters, Turkish Salafists, estranged family members, Turkish counter terrorism officials, as well as dialogues from Turkish counter terrorism wiretaps of ISIS/al-Qaeda members in Turkey.

Emphasizing the contrasts between the local and greater cleavages, after visiting most influential Islamic State recruitment hotspots in Turkey and having first-hand experiences, I also tried to schematize how Islamic State-related institutions based in Turkey run their intrinsic operations ranging from,

  • Border traffic for jihadists and goods,
  • Medical networks,
  • Production and distribution of false documents,
  • Procurement and supply of IED materials and to
  • Supply networks of arms and ammunitions.

For detailed information on the book, please visit İletişim Publishing House (The first chapter of the book is available to read online).

Also, you might enjoy the conversation me and Turkey Book Talk’s William Armstrong had on IŞİD Ağları.

To obtain a printed copy, please visit a Turkey-based online bookstore, as IŞİD Ağları is still available on most of them.